How Did You Meet the Love of Your Life?

Love is in the air and apparently in Trader Joe's! Some of the best love stories have been shared on Twitter, and they are making our heart melt.

Twitter user, @ILoveeeLucy, asked the question of how people met their significant other and the replies that poured in have been so sickly sweet, that our teeth are starting to ache. Too much sugar sweetness from these couples!

It began with a few funny ones, such as people checking out the hottie with a peachy behind whilst shopping down the vegetable aisle in their favourite supermarket

Perhaps I need to start shopping for some eggplant next time I run to the supermarket…um, anyway, there were some work scenarios, which sound like they’re meant to be in a raunchy film if you know what I mean…

Some were just by the magic of fate, in which some could be the new storyline for a modern-day world Disney love movie.

Some were pretty funny, and perhaps a bit awkward. But hey, surely awkward scenarios make the best love stories, and sometimes even the happiest relationships!

Others just had relationship goals written all over them, and like they had come from a romantic novel.

Finally, the love story that is most relatable to all of us, and probably the saddest one of them all…

Maybe one day our knight in shining armour will appear, but whilst we dress in sweats with hair that looks like it’s been dragged through a bush… I don’t think it will be happening any time soon.

Do you have any cute love stories? Heard any that made you gag a little from how sweet they were? Let us know your stories in the comments, or on Twitter @WhatsTrending.