Is This The Ugliest Dog of The Year?

The correct answer is no, but Zsa Zsa the bulldog did win the annual "World's Ugliest Dog" contest in California!

During the annual ‘World’s Ugliest Dog’ contest that takes place at the Sonoma-Marin Fair in Petaluma, California, 9-year-old English Bulldog, Zsa Zsa, took home first place as the ugliest pooch.

The World’s Ugliest Dog contest doesn’t sound like the most dog-friendly contest in the world, but don’t let the name fool you. The contest welcomes any breed of dog, regardless of their age, size or in this case, ugliest face. For this year’s contest, Megan Brainard entered her lovely pooch called Zsa Zsa, and competed to win first place. Not sure whether Zsa Zsa thinks it’s very nice that his mother thinks he’s the ugliest dog in the world, but for the first-place prize money being a staggering $1,500, I think the dog’s going to be fine. Also he can’t read so it’s okay.

9-year-old Zsa Zsa is an English Bulldog, whose tongue trails along the ground, with a huge underbite to compliment the ridiculously long tongue.

The contest has been running for over thirty years, and the cat walk, (or should we say… the dog walk), that they strut their stuff on, is one that has seen many ugly dogs in its lifetime. This year not only featured large dogs like the English Bulldog, but also small ones, that look a bit like rats. A Chinese Crested-Dachshund, named Rascal Deux, made his debut in a very stylish leopard print jacket and galaxy looking sunglasses.

This dog is definitely my new style icon. Work it pupper!

Although, the contest isn’t all about the hurtful feelings owners have towards their dogs, but a silly, yet powerful way to convey a message of how every dog deserves a home. Especially with so many dogs being put up for adoption, and sometimes unfortunately having to be put down as a result of not being adopted, this contest shows that no matter how ugly, or how much of a mess these dogs are, they have a loving home, and so should every dog.

We think this contest is so adorable and even though they might not be the prettiest doggies, they still make us say “awwww”.

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