Look Up! Ceiling Cat Has Returned!

You know when you look up at the ceiling and begin thinking about stuff and you look over at the cat that's stuck up there and think of all the cat memes there are in the world... yeah, neither do we, but many people on Twitter have!

Keyboard Cat, Long Cat, OMG Cat and, of course, the most acclaimed one, Nyan Cat, have all brought us joy over the years, with their funny and awkward faces and catchy meme slogans to go along with them. But, there is a cat legend that has resurfaced on the block who has Twitter users reminiscing over some of the best cat memes that will definitely go down in history.

Welcoming back to the Internet, Ceiling Cat!

Twitter user @CampbellxEmma shared this photo compilation that shows a cat that lives in the ceiling at an animal shelter. There was much confusion over the cat, such as who feeds it and how long he’s been stuck there for, but Emma didn’t have many answers to give, and people just began comparing him to all the other confusing cat memes that have no explanation and began deeming him an Internet sensation instead.

However, this isn’t the first time Ceiling Cat has made an appearance and true meme connoisseurs remember the cat from the first time he became a meme back in 2006. Some people are shocked, whilst others are excited that their favorite meme has been brought back after 12 years.

Perhaps the ceiling has some magic powers in it that make the cat immortal? Although, it’s a bit sad that no one has adopted the furry little fella, and he must get pretty lonely up there. Maybe the house cat life isn’t for him and making huge comebacks online is the life he was truly meant to live.

It seems like Emma is pretty happy about all the responses she received too, as the era of the original Ceiling Cat was one of her favorite times on the Internet.

The nostalgia here is strong, but cat memes will live on forever just like our beloved Ceiling Cat.

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