Sausage Dog Needs to be Deflated

A sausage dog in the UK had to be deflated after blowing up to the size of a balloon!

by Amy Walters

Trevor the sausage dog is a happy go lucky chappy from Cheshire in the UK. However, the poor pup has a rare condition, which causes air to become trapped under his skin. This is due to a hole, which is located in the dog’s windpipe, and this has caused him to inflate to the size of a balloon.

This hot dog began to look like a meatball, or as his owner’s daughter called him, a big fat seal. Vets examined the dachshund and deflated him back into his normal skinny state, which was three times less than the size he was before. Sounds like the new way to quickly lose some weight!

However, it was not all jokes and games for Trevor’s owner, Ms Jennings, as she rushed him to the animal emergency vet after she noticed how bloated her dog became, and shortly after, he began to have trouble breathing. An X-ray showed that every time the sausage dog took a breath, air was being pushed under his skin, which was affecting his heart.

After many tests, Trevor was diagnosed with a rare condition known as subcutaneous emphysema. The vets proceeded to stitch up the hole in his windpipe, and he was as good as new! He now looks like Slinky Dog from Toy Story.

But of course, Twitter to the rescue to make a somewhat serious subject, slightly funny to talk about. Some people began to compare themselves to the dog, saying that it’s what they look like after binging on the goodies after a weekend off.

All jokes aside, we are very happy that Trevor is back to his healthy state again, and we hope the sausage dog won’t experience the ‘wurst’ thing that could’ve happened, ever again.

What do you think Trevor looked like? A golf ball? A chocolate ball? The list is endless. Let us know in the comments, or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.