VIDEO: Cute Chimpanzee Takes Bath in Sink

Scrubby, scrubby. This video is so cute!

Look, it’s a hectic world out there. So, we here at What’s Trending try to bring you as much cute-related content as you could imaginably stomach. But, guys — I think we’ve outdone ourselves on this find. This was sent to me by my co-worker and the moment I saw it, I knew this was an absolutely urgent find. There are only so many treasures such as this in the world, and in case you’re wondering why the video in question is so special, folks — it’s a chimpanzee named Limbani taking a bath!

I cannot underestimate the untold power of this incredible footage. The chimpanzee — is it big? No, it is cute and small. Does it want to get its head clean? Upon looking at the footage, I can say without a shred of doubt — yes. The chimpanzee wants to get its head clean. Is the chimpanzee adorable and baby like as all heck? Let me check my studies — again, yes. I love this video and you will too.

What’s Trending, like all great websites, tries to be on top of the cute animal video beat. To date we have witnessed a chimpanzee playing in a ball pit, lynxes screaming at each other, a woodpecker “inspecting” a Tesla, this baby lion roaring, and for all our connoisseurs out there of finer animal video content — here’s a video we wrote up a while ago of a cat getting stoned.

And, if you want to watch Limbani grow, make sure to follow him on Instagram at @limbanizwf.

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