DeeDee MegaDooDoo: A Local News Screw Up For The Ages

Dee Dee... Mega Doo Doo!

Dee Dee Mega Doo Doo. It’s nice to start the year off with a clip whose quality is, if my reading are correct… legendary. The stakes: couldn’t be higher. The screw up? Couldn’t be better. I mean, Dee Dee Mega Doo Doo? Is that any way to pronounce the name of a cop fallen in the line of duty? They deserve our utmost respect! They deserve to have their names pronounced correctly. But you know. So great are the hopes of mice and men, etcetera, etcetera. Just witness as WPSD’s Brianna Clark discusses the death of Deidre Mengedoht who got hit by a drunk driver on December 29th during a routine traffic stop. Unfortunately she pronounces her name as DeeDee Mega Doo Doo. Yikes!

Check out the clip below.

Look. Death is hard to deal with. But the least we can do is pronounce the name right! The name caught on quickly on Twitter, with many giving their spins on the silly name, changing their handles to Dee Dee Mega Doo Doo, or showing videos of them defiantly saying this beloved new internet obsession.

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