Doja Cat’s “Mooo!” Music Video Brings Nation Together, Says “Bitch I’m A Cow”

Bitch... we are cow.


Have you heard of Doja Cat before? If not, you absolutely will now as she takes her place in insane YouTube video hall of fame with her incredible song “Mooo!”, or as many of us may know it by its more colloquial name, “Bitch I’m A Cow”! Could words do justice to the video? Could words do justice to the song which is about the joy of being a cow, going mooo, giving milk, outracing a hamburgers, and referencing other rap songs except making the lyrics be about being a cow. Look out, that weird New Jersey town we wrote about! There’s a new overly sexualized cow in town!

The video, while clearly excellent, also shows lyrical and musical invention behind its joyful internet friendly absurdity. The song is written by Doja Cat, also known as Amala Zandile Dlamini, and the song is recieving love from all corners of the internet for giving us exactly what we needed: the sight of a costumed cow lady outracing a hamburger. Doja Cat, unlike so many viral weirdo song sensations, is also a legitimate artist, whose album, Amala, can be streamed on Spotify here, and pales completely before this mighty cow song. Amala was released on August 11th, and we could not imagine a better ad campaign for it.

The song has been praised the internet over by those who enjoy its ironic sensibilities and those enjoy how deftly Doja Cat mixes her weird sense of humor with her incredible music skills. No less than Chance the Rapper, no stranger to changing the music world through a non traditionally released, praised Doja Cat’s bovinious track, and Katy Perry called the entire thing “Udderly fab”.

Genius ran down the ridiculous amount of references to other rap songs that Doja Cat managed to squeeze, not unlike a hand getting milk from an udder, into this song — including references to Outkast, Juicy J and Kelis. However, it’s the challenge that the song inspired that brought about the most excitement.

And what is the challenge you ask? Well, it’s quite simple — you just sing the damn song! Hopefully with quite a bit of joy in your little heart!

This song now owns the summer, and frankly, it deserves it! Go, Doja Cat, go!

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