Catch Up On Pia Glenn’s Hilarious And Necessary “Black Weekend Update”

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  • “Black Weekend Update” is funny, but it’s no joke.

    The lack of diversity on “Saturday Night Live” remains a hot topic, even after the show hired super talented black comedian Sasheer Zamata in January of this year. Zamata was the first black woman hired since Maya Rudolph left the show in 2007.

    Zamata has been dominating in sketches like “Black Jeopardy” and “28 Reasons” lately, but there remains one aspect of “SNL” that’s definitely still missing something: Weekend Update.

    The anchor chair has always been held by white men and women — and it’s noticeable. Even the choice of topics is pretty…white. And that’s never been made clearer than when watching Pia Glenn’s YouTube show “Black Weekend Update.”

    Some of the most egregious arguments against hiring people of color to “SNL” stemmed from the idea that there simply weren’t enough funny black women to bring in for auditions. Pia Glenn’s version of the “SNL” staple segment proves that wrong.

    “Black Weekend Update” is set up just like the real thing, except it’s all Glenn. She plays the side characters, like her trifling cousin Yvonne or evangelist Cookie Carter, as well as hosts the show delivering jokes she’s written about current events.

    And she always signs off with “That was Black Weekend Update and I’ve been black Pia Glenn.”

  • Black Weekend Update: April 19. 2014

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    Glenn, an actress, created the show to joke about topics, shows, and celebrities that would be relevant — and most importantly FUNNIER — to a black audience.

    The most recent episode of “Black Weekend Update” takes on Pharrell, Oprah, Diddy, Scandal actor Columbus Short, Love and Hip Hop, and a includes a segment called “An Actress So Talented She’d Be Considered A-List If Only She Was White.”

  • Nick Cannon’s White People Party Music: A Black Weekend Update Special Report!

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    Glenn has also done one-off episodes, like this one about Nick Cannon’s new album “White People Party Music” where she infuses a serious discussion on race with jokes, jokes, jokes.

  • Black Weekend Update: April 12, 2014

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    If you’re looking for more funny every weekend, check out Glenn’s “Black Weekend Update.” And then wonder why “SNL” seemed to have such a “hard time” finding talented black women to hire.