This Web Series Of A Gay Dad And His Son Is The Cutest Thing

  • “Driving Mr. Briggs” Episode #2 – ‘Toots’

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    Frank Lowe, who goes by Gay At Home Dad on Twitter, started recording his drives with his 4 year old son Briggs and the conversations they have are hilarious.

    In episode one, Briggs reveals his friend Eliana said she loves him and gave him a kiss. More than the kiss though, Briggs is psyched that both he and Eliana have monster trucks.

    In episode two, Briggs talks about burping and farting. This show is the best.

  • “Driving Mr. Briggs” Episode #1 – ‘Kiss’

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    From @GayAtHomeDad on Twitter – a new show just for YouTube: “Driving Mr. Briggs.”