Dumb and Dumber Is Really A Drama

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    What if “Dumb and Dumber” were an epic tale about love and lies? Maybe it actually is?!

    …It’s not, it’s a hilarious movie based on over-the-top comedy just like you always thought. Don’t worry, today’s not the day that I shake up all your memories by telling you that your favorite childhood comedy is actually really dark. (Maybe tomorrow…) However, Josh Rocklage re-imagine the movie as if it were a dark saga called “Love and Lover,” and it is perfect.

    It’s crazy how easy it is to change the entire tone of a movie in a trailer that is less than 2 minutes long. He used carefully selected clips and the most stress-inducing music I’ve ever heard to make a pretty believable drama trailer. This just goes to show that music really does make all the difference.

    Check out the video here!

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