The ‘Beygency’ Cracks Down On Beyonce Haters

  • The Beygency (Saturday Night Live)

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    Amazing Spider-Man 2 star Andrew Garfield hosted Saturday Night Live this week. One of the highlights of the show was his appearance in this trailer for the fictional movie The Beygency, a movie about what happens to people who criticize Beyonce. Garfield makes the mistake of saying he doesn’t really care for “Drunk in Love”… and that’s when the Beygency came for him. It is a hilarious commentary on Beyonce’s untouchable status and teaches us that even if you don’t like Beyonce — You should probably just pretend you do.

    The episode was full of other great TV moments, including a ridiculous kissing scene between Garfield and on-screen/off-screen love Emma Stone and a performance by Coldplay.