What’s With All The Creepy, Scary New Bug-Eyed Mascots?

  • Two New Mascots Are Both Very Disturbing

    Straight from our deepest nightmares comes the new mascots for McDonalds and for Lemonheads.

    McDonalds’ mascot is a box with half-lidded bug-eyes and arms. Lemonheads’ is a literally lemon headed child with a tuft of hair and Hey Arnold head.

  • Source: twitter.com / Via: twitter.com

    This guy is named “Happy” but he looks “Scary as Hell.” News outlets have been wondering if he’ll freak out kids. Some worry that the teeth are menacing.

    The point apparently was to look “simple” and to eschew the complicated backstory of other McDonalds mascots like Grimace and Ronald McDonald.

  • Lemonhead mascot

    The above is the Lemonheads mascot who has been posting on Facebook and painting the town red in Chicago on behalf of the Ferrara Candy Co.

    In an interview with the Chicago Tribune, the brand’s head of marketing said they wanted to lose the childish 1950s Leave It To Beaver look of the old Lemonheads mascot.

    They want him to seem like a 22-year-old millenial, rather than a young skinned-kneed boy.

  • Lemonheads blackhawks

    This (above) is one of the selfies Lemonhead has been posting to Facebook. I think if I saw this on the street, I’d poop my pants.

    What do you think of these new mascots? Good marketing or too disturbing to look at?