It’s Breaking Bad, Baby

  • Breaking Bad Jr.

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    Leave it to Redditors to blow up gems like this. Because this…this is equally amazing is it is confusing. It is literally Breaking Bad, but with kids!

    The idea was conceived by student Ian Hollowood who plays Jesse Pinkman in this Breaking Bad parody. Instead of cooking meth, these kids are making “Wrigley grade” blue chewing gum and dealing it throughout the school and it makes for a great parody, and a great video. Seriously, I don’t know whether I should feel concerned that these are the shows kids are choosing to parody, or encourage them to keep doing things like this.

    Also, their Gustavo Fring has an UNCANNY resemblance to Gus in the show. Okay, I’m gonna go find myself some meth now. Or chewing gum. It’s BASICALLY the same thing..right?