12 Apps With Misleading Names

  • 1. Vine

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    Source: lh3.ggpht.com

    Vine is not an app that helps you with your gardening.

  • 2. Grindr

    Grindr logo

    Source: upload.wikimedia.org

    Grindr IS NOT and I repeat NOT an app that successfully locates nearby sandwiches.

  • 3. Facebook

    Fb icon 325x325

    Source: www.facebook.com

    Contrary to popular belief, Facebook is not an app that helps you read people’s faces. Although, that’d be pretty convenient.

  • 4. Pandora

    Big pandora logo dmac

    Source: community.digitalmediaacademy.org

    You CAN open this app without releasing all the evils of the world! That is, unless you’re playing the Lucifer station…

  • 5. Tumblr

    21 tumblr icon 256x256

    Source: 1.bp.blogspot.com

    Yep, made myself a nice cocktail the other night and tried to pour it into my Tumblr app. RIP iPhone.

  • 6. Shazam


    Source: designshack.net

    Does not summon DC superhero, Shazam.

  • 7. Yelp!

    Yelp 395

    Source: static01.nyt.com

    Does not help you scream after you get robbed.

  • 8. Flipagram

    Flipagram logo

    Source: www.sharedapk.com

    This app is not a social networking app for drug dealers.

  • 9. Google Drive

    Google drive logo

    Source: www.hkdrustvo.hr

    This is not a substitute for a car!

  • 10. Tinder

    Tinder logo

    Source: www.camfoundation.com

    This app will not help you light a fire after you get lost in the woods.

  • 11. Instagram

    Vfpqp39lb60dli3n rjnvvtm07dsvizxrcl5xmiy1v4gv4unc1ifxkuexq4n dbckwi w300

    Source: lh3.ggpht.com

    Instagram is not a cocaine delivery app.

  • 12. Temple Run

    Temple run logo 300x300

    Source: direct.theindianrepublic.com

    Does not find gyms that double as houses of worship.