Michigan Man Holds Party Of Thousands In Tiny House

  • Michigan Man Hosts Party of the Century

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    More than 2,000 people packed themselves into 20-year-old James Taylor’s property for one of the biggest house parties this year. His small abode held an estimated 500 people with thousands milling about in the yard.

    The entertainment for the wild night consisted of two DJs, a fire thrower, go-go dancers, and strippers. The video pans over the wreckage of trash and dirt as Taylor explains that he didn’t make anybody come — they came by their own choice.

    “I didn’t make this kid pass out on my floor. People wanted to be here,” he told the reporter interviewing him. The camera focuses on the body of an unfortunate party-goer lying motionless on the ground.

    It all seems reminiscent of another pop culture trend from the past few years. Recall Project X, the movie that inspired hundreds of people across the country to try holding their own super-raves. This latest, supposedly successful attempt came with a price.

    “EMS units were called to the scene to treat multiple patients suffering from alcohol and drug-related injuries and overdoses. Six people total were hospitalized. FOX17 talked with a woman hired to dance at the party:

    ‘It was insane! I’ve never seen so many people in a gathering like that. It was amazing though,’ Charrelle Dunston told FOX17.

    Dunston told FOX17 the party was organized through social media as a “Project X” type gathering.

    Project X is a movie released in 2012 about teens who throw a massive house party using social media. Police say they are seeking multiple charges for the property’s owner and organizers of the event. Police are also investigating claims from a 19-year-old woman — that she was sexually assaulted during the party,” FOX news reported.

    MTV caught the news as well, posting photos from the out-of-control party.

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    “When asked if he felt that he bore any responsibility for the reported illegal activity, Taylor accepted some blame but also suggested that some belonged to the kids’ parents,” MTV wrote.

    As party-goers recover and Taylor faces the consequences of holding such a large rave, the homeowner grins as he tells the world he’s willing to hold another party in the future.