The Manning Brothers Are Back With A New Sequel To Their Rap Video

  • Fantasy Football Fantasy – A Manning Brothers Music Video

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    It’s football season, guys!

    But Peyton and Eli Manning aren’t just back in the game…

    They also happen to be back with a triumphant sequel to F.O.Y.P (Football On Your Phone) titled Fantasy Football Fantasy. If you’ve already seen the video, we know what you’re thinking: Do the Manning brothers ever do us any wrong?

    The brothers somehow manage to succeed at everything. From football to rapping…to telling us that there’s now a Fantasy Football channel…that’s like a fantasy.

    Anyway, now that we’ve established the greatness that is the Manning brothers, hit that play button on the video.

    All that there is left to say (re: chant) is this: Manning! Manning! Manning!

  • Football on your Phone – Manning Brothers Music Video

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    And since we know you’re dying to re-watch the brilliancy that is F.O.Y.P. now, we’ve got it right here for you. Look no further.