Ever Wondered About CrossFit? This Is What A Typical Workout Looks Like!

  • Typical CrossFit Workout

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  • Wanna know what a typical CrossFit workout looks like? Well, Zeke and Jarrett of Murderbot Productions is here to show us! Don’t know what CrossFit is? It’s the on-the-rise fitness program that is focused around functional movements, or the kind of movements that you make in your day-to-day life. If you’ve ever watched any CrossFit video, you know just how much CrossFitters like to talk about form. Obviously, Zeke and Jarrett made this video to make fun of the “perfect form” that CrossFitters claim to focus on.

    This video was posted on Reddit in r/videos and was quickly voted straight to the top. The comments in this thread are exactly what you’d to expect…and it’s amazing.

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  • Obviously, you should do research and exercise all precautions before participating in rigorous physical activity.

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