FXX Is Airing Every Single ‘Simpsons’ Episode That Ever Existed

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  • Inquisitr has the scoop…

    The following is an excerpt from Every ‘Simpsons’ Ever Marathon Begins Today

    Attention Simpsons fans: starting today, August 21st, and running through Labor Day, the FXX Network is airing every The Simpsons ever, beginning at 10:30 am eastern with the very first episode, Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire and running through midnight eastern on September 2nd with the airing of the season 25 finale, The Yellow Badge of Cowardice, last seen on Fox this past May. Every Treehouse of Horror is included. The Simpsons Movie which ran in theaters in 2007 will air in the middle of the marathon at 6:00 pm eastern on August 29th.

  • UPROXX put together the entire schedule for us…

    The following is an excerpt from Here Is The Complete Schedule Of Every Episode Of FXX’s ‘The Simpsons’ Marathon

    Fortunately for you, I spent way too much time putting together this entire episode-by-episode guide so you can either plan your sleep schedule accordingly or at least get on your cable provider’s guide and start picking out the episodes that you want to record so that you can watch them again and again to sing along with everything from “Who Needs the Quickie Mart?” to “See My Vest,” while remembering all of your favorite lines. Have a blast, you cromulent SOBs, but please remember to at least look away from the TV for a few minutes each day.