Aunty Donna Walks Us Through A Day In The Life Of A Bike Gang Member

  • Bikie Wars

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    Have you ever wondered what it was like to be a part of a biker gang? YouTube superstars, Aunty Donna shows us a day in the life of a biker gang member via a serenading session.

    The men of Aunty Donna are a sketch comedy crew from Melbourne Australia who pride themselves on creating audacious, rowdy, crazy skits. From Extortion to Drug dealing, these men add comedic relief to the way society extorts different subcultures through the magic of song and it is absolutely hysterical.

    With their over the top mentality, these men are a triple threat to the comedy world. the men of Aunty Donna are bringing a new twist to sketch comedy while being on tour and continuing to post new videos on to their social media sites. These men are on the rise… watch out world!