Batman’s Parents are DEAD… Or Are They?

  • Batman’s Parents Aren’t Dead

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    How would Batman (excuse me, THE Batman) react if his parents suddenly showed up at Stately Wayne Manor, alive after all these years? That’s the question posed by the debut episode of the new series “Nerdist Presents”!

    As it turns out, the Waynes just FAKED their own deaths and are back in Gotham, alive and well. But riddle me this: what does this mean for the Caped Crusader’s ongoing quest for justice and vengeance?

    “Nerdist Presents” will feature one-off comedy sketches from a variety of creators. The debut comes to us from Ben Acker and Ben Blacker, the men behind the massively popular stage show and podcast “The Thrilling Adventure Hour,” and stars a number of the show’s “Workjuice Players.” That includes Marc Evan Jackson (he’s from EARTH) as Thomas Wayne, Paget Brewster as Martha, Mark Gagliardi as the tortured young Bruce and a special cameo appearance by John Ennis as put-upon butler Alfred Pennyworth.