“Turn Out For What” is Rock The Vote’s Sad Attempt To Make Voting Cool

  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

    Voting becomes cool once ever four years max — sometimes it’s only once every 12-16 years. Voting in 2004? It was necessary, but not exactly cool. Voting in 2008? Definitely cool. 2012? Eh, not really cool again.

    Voting in a midterm election? SO NOT COOL. It’s your responsibility as an educated American and your civic duty, sure, but it’s definitely not cool.

    Rock The Vote, that still-standing relic of the Clinton era, wants to make even voting for Congress and water bond measures cool. So they found what the kids are into these days (celebrities) and smashed together as many as they could find for a kitchen sink sketch and remix of Lil Jon’s “Turn Down For What.”

    The result is a bit of harmless fun, where the celebs reveal their primary reason for voting. Lil Jon’s, not surprisingly, is the legalization of marijuana, an issue which is on the ballot in 18 states this election year. Dunham is “turning out” for reproductive rights. Lyonne, for prison reform.

    Go ahead and watch, snicker, and cringe at the first minute, especially when Lil Jon is told that voting booths run “from the window to the wall.”