Aziz Ansari Reads Embarrassing Texting Convo With Blake Lively Out Loud

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    On Howard Stern’s SiriusXM radio show Monday, Aziz Ansari shared his texting conversation with Blake Lively from April 2011… and it wasn’t exactly something to be proud of.

    The actress, who just announced her pregnancy, responded once to his numerous texts.

    The conversation (if you would even call it that) went as follows:

    “Hey, it’s Aziz. The Animal dinners are over now unfortunately, but I will show you photos from when I went. It was very tasty. Are you going to the Met Ball?”

    no response

    (Night of the Met Ball) “Hey, it’s Aziz. Please tell Karl (Lagerfeld) he needs to call me, it’s been too long since we bro’d out.”

    no response

    (A few hours later) “I’m going to the Boom Boom Room for that afterparty. Hopefully this is your number? Either way, good seeing you.”

    Finally, Lively answered: “Hey, maybe I’ll see you. So weird, Karl was just saying how bummed he was to miss you.”

    (Ansari texted her again the next day) “I feel so bad you had to fly to North Carolina after that party. It must’ve been rough. Karl and I partied at Boom Boom until 7 a.m. Got tacos the next day after and just had a beautiful spa day. Next time we are in the same city, let’s eat delicious food.”

    “The last message I sent her — and I don’t know why I sent this — is Dec. 17, 2011, and I just write, ‘Happy Holidays!’ and then there’s no response,” he laughed.

    The last text was the best one of all:

    “Read these messages on Howard. Hope that’s cool. Doubt you’ll respond to this.”