4-Year-Old Boy Finds Condom in Corn Flakes

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  • A four-year-old boy in Devon, UK, was understandably shocked when a mysterious toy fell out of his box of Tesco brand Corn Flakes. In the U.S. we call this toy a condom. But, since this happened in England, I’m positively chuffed to write some alternate headlines for this story:

    -Boy skips Full English for French Letter

    -Local Jimmy Cap Gets Soggy in Milk

    -Medium-Sized Nodder, Part of This Balanced Breakfast

    Okay, now that that’s out of my system, the young boy apparently cried at his discovery, not knowing what a condom is or what it’s used for.

    The Tesco corporation, for its part, sent the family the following apology letter:

  • Tesco apology

    Yes, Tesco wants its customers to know that one of England’s largest market chains will not have this sort of rubbish, and will inform its suppliers not to be tossing any unused (or used, presumably) papa-stoppers into their products before sealing them up.

    Keep it in the loo, where it belongs.