This Turnt Hockey Fan is Everything

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    Meet Columbus Blue Jackets fan Kevin Schroeder. He’s a fixture at the Ohio ice hockey team’s games, and will often by seen doing shirtless, gyrating dances on the Jumbotron during down times.

    A clip of his celebration dance during a recent Blue Jackets game against the New York Rangers, “Dancing Kevin” (likely named for his “Simpsons” doppelganger “Dancing Homer”) did a routine set to the DJ Snake and Lil Jon classic “Turn Down for What,” which included copious body paint, a guy in a bear costume and two tallboys of Labatt Blue. This video, unsurprisingly, has gone massively viral, holding the top spot on Reddit Videos all morning.

    Kevin told that he essentially blacks out during these routines (from fear, not alcohol consumption… though it’s probably a mix of the two…) and doesn’t remember what he did afterwards. Fortunately, video lives forever.

  • Dancin’ Homer

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