Car Vs. Gate: Fight!

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    Here’s what we know. The description of this video is: “Sumir eru bara ekki alveg í lagi,” which translates in Icelandic to, “Some people are just not quite right.”

    The video itself is almost impenetrable to analysis. But, I’ll give it a shot.

    In 2011, a sedan pulls up to a large alley-wide gate. A man on the passenger side gets out, helps push the obviously-functional car into the gate. The car drives under the gate, scraping the shit out of its roof in the process. The driver then repeatedly backs up into the gate, pulls forward, gets out of the car shirtless, switches places with the passenger, who now becomes the driver.

    In a stunning finale, the new driver backs into the gate at approximately 75 mph, and pulls off a complete reverse front-flip.

    End of video.

    Does anyone have an answer on what we’re looking at here? Please let us know your conspiracy theories.