San Francisco Tour Guide’s Last Day Rant is Epic and Racist

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    We’ve all been there. It’s your last day on the job, and you just want to give a big one of these to all your coworkers, your boss, your office building, maybe even the entire city. You don’t do it because you have things called restraint and self-control.

    Here’s what happens when you don’t have those things. A woman on her last day as a San Francisco city tour guide goes OFF on the neighborhoods she doesn’t like, most specifically, Chinatown.

    Her complaints range from loud preschoolers to eating turtles to ornamental dragons to wearing jade. There’s a lot of “these people” thrown around in there.

    Now, it’s worth noting that the tour guide is probably drunk, given the bottle in her hand. (Is it Wild Turkey? I can’t tell. Help me out, Internet.)

    The video ends with her leading a chant of “Fuck Chinatown!” among the tour guests.

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