Chevy Guy Rikk Wilde Gets SUPER NERVOUS During World Series MVP Presentation

  • The San Francisco Giants won the World Series for the third time in five seasons last night in Kansas City. Off-the-chain pitcher Madison Bumgarner came in during the fifth inning with a one-run lead and never gave it up. He was named World Series MVP, and as such, had the honor of getting a brand new car from major MLB sponsor, Chevrolet. That’s when the fun began.

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    The head of Chevrolet Sales and Marketing, Rikk Wilde, had the honor of presenting the MVP trophy, and a 2015 Chevrolet Colorado, to Bumgarner. Of course, being a Sales and Marketing guy, he probably doesn’t have that much experience in front of the camera, as can be seen from his nervous shakes and inability to convey simple details about the car he’s trying to sell to baseball fans.

    A complete transcript below (with “ums” and “uhs” included for fun):

    Thanks. Madison, congratulations. Um, as the official sponsor, er, the official vehicle of Major League Baseball, Chevrolet is proud to participate in this prestigious award. Along with our dealers we are extremely honored to get back to this sport, uh, by supporting baseball in cities and towns across this nation. At Chevrolet we have, um, we have also been proud of the latest and greatest, uh, technology in our truck lineup, which is the all new 2015, uh, Chevy Colorado. It combines class winning, leading uh, you know, technology and stuff, with uh, wi-fi powered by On-Star. It’s sitting there on screen. To recognize your performance in this 2014 World Series I proudly present to you your very own set of keys to a 2015 Chevy Colorado.

    He pulled off the ending, though!

    Now, before you all jump down my throat for making fun of this guy, let me just say that I agree with your arguments! He is just a little nervous and he didn’t say anything horrible. I don’t think Wilke is a bad person. It is just funny that he has this one thing to do, and doing it makes him incredibly nervous. I’m happy that Bumgarner got the car and I think you should all go out and purchase the already-recalled 2015 Chevy Colorado immediately.

    Also, it’s very very funny that MLB commissioner Bud Selig looks so irritated throughout this whole thing.

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    How dare you celebrate your team winning the World Series! This sport is not about fun!


    UPDATE: The Chevy Trucks Twitter account is wisely embracing Mr. Wilde’s “Boom Goes The Dynamite” moment, in attempting to make #TechnologyAndStuff a trending topic.

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