College Student Basketball WIN vs. High School Football FAIL

  • There are two top-notch sports highlights today. One of them is an incredible, almost magical seeming victory. The other is a horrendous Detroit Lions level screwup. We want you to tell us which is “greater” in terms of windom or faildom.

    First up is Gustavo Tamayo, a student at Tennessee’s Bryan College, who had an opportunity to get $10,000 in tuition, if he could drain a lay-up, free throw, three-pointer and half court shot in 30 seconds. He has never played competitive basketball. Here’s what happened:

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    Whoa! That’s a huge winning win! Even someone who has played a TON of basketball would need a certain amount of luck to do this. But someone who’s only ever played soccer just nailing all four shots without any misses? That’s crazy.

    But does this win more than the following video fails? You be the judge.

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    Oh, good gravy. All the quarterback has to do is take a knee or run out of bounds once the clock is at 0.0, but he inexplicably just lets the ball go even though the play is still live.

    That’s an unfathomably faily fail.

    But, we need your opinion. Is the win more winny than the fail is faily? Leave a comment and let us know what you think.