Bill Watterson’s New Comic Strip Is An Ode To Comic Strips

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    The above Bill Watterson comic is serving as the poster for a French Comics Festival, and it’s a new piece of artwork to those of us who only know Watterson for his run of brilliant Calvin and Hobbes comics. Blogger Jean-Marc van Tol believes the comic to have been drawn some time in the mid-1990s, so it’s too soon to brand this a new piece of artwork from the legendary creator.

    Still, there’s been much more Watterson news in 2014 than in the preceding decade. You’ll have likely seen this cartoon based on Watterson’s art with his quote.

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    And he contributed to three Pearls Before Swine strips this summer.

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    So, no, we’re probably never getting more Calvin and Hobbes. But we can always dream.

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