Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” Matches This 80s Workout Video Perfectly!

  • Taylor Swift Shake it Off 1989 Aerobics

    Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

    Usually when someone tells me that they want to make plans to workout together like I’m not a sedentary person who writes about videos on the internet, I’m like..

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  • But if following along with an aerobics tape from the 80s that just HAPPENS to match up perfectly with my and everybody else’s jam at the moment, “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift counts as cardio…I would not be opposed to it. Maybe taylor didn’t have to pay all those cheerleaders, ballerinas, and other dancers for her music video. Maybe she should have just super-imposed herself over this workout video in full 80s workout gear.

    Now, excuse me while I do what I’m probably going to count as my entire exercise quota for all of 2015. Y’know, just staying ahead of the game.