Utah Football Team Prematurely Celebrates A Touchdown, Oregon Runs It Back

  • As a person who doesn’t watch or understand sports almost at all outside of watching Friday Night Lights, even I know that this is probably one of the worst/most amazing football mistakes of all time. Kaelin Clay of the University of Utah football team drops the ball literally a step before he would have scored a touchdown against the Oregon Ducks. The referee just sits there for a second waiting to see if anyone noticed Clay’s mistake and Joe Walker of the Ducks does, and runs the ball the entire 100 yards across the field back for a touchdown.

    This is why you should probably wait to be in the end zone to start celebrating. Isn’t slamming the ball in the end zone something sports people do after they’re safely in the end zone? It happens on Friday Night Lights like…all the time. Since I’m sure that many of our readers know much more about football than I do…what’s the worse football mishap you’ve ever seen? Send us a link in the comments below, or tweet us one @WhatsTrending!