‘I Don’t Like Mens No More!’ Is Your Catch Phrase of The Week

  • As rational 21st century Americans, we know that it’s silly to try to turn a gay person straight because, well, there’s no reason to and, well, gay people are gay!

    Unfortunately, there are still places, even in our beloved U.S. of A., where homosexuals are repeatedly diminished and forced to change in the name of a popular deity. Living in Los Angeles, I don’t encounter these situations very often, which is why I legitimately thought that this was a Jordan Peele character at first.

  • Source: vine.co / Via: vine.co

    Yes, this is actually from a real ceremony, more than six seconds of which is finally available on YouTube:

  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

    It’s really wonderful that this is now available, since the congregation quickly jumps into a psychedelic organ dance party. Seriously, this whole thing sounds like that bizarre instrumental freakout before the last verse of Steppenwolf’s “Magic Carpet Ride.”

    They may be bigots, but they sure know how to party.