Shot-For-Shot “Chandelier” Recreation Was Totally Forced On Me! I Didn’t Want To Do It!

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    Chuck Jose claims he lost a fantasy football bet, and thus had to create a shot-for-shot remake of Sia’s “Chandelier” video, with him in the starring role. Whether such a bet every existed is up for some debate, as Jose seems positively tickled by his new-found fame.

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    Yeah, sure seems like a guy who was desperate to get out of this. If there really was a bet on his fantasy football team, he’s probably been starting Adrian Peterson and Ray Rice all season, just praying for this exact outcome.

    That being said, the recreation is impressive, and definitely took plenty of time and effort. But, hey man, there’s no reason to hide your desire to go viral. It’s what we all want secretly. Who wouldn’t want to be on Ellen?

    Here’s the original “Chandelier” video, if you need to compare:

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