Martin Freeman Returns To ‘The Office’ As Bilbo Baggins

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    Martin Freeman hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend to promote the third and final Hobbit film, The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies. SNL couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make Freeman replay his other most famous role, that of Tim Canterbury in the original BBC version of The Office.

    After saving Middle Earth, Bilbo, Tauriel, Gandalf and Gollum all take jobs at a paper company in Slough. And yes, Bobby Moynihan’s Gandalf is David Brent. The standout in this bit, however, is Taran Killam’s INSANELY accurate impression of Gollum, who fills in for team leader and Assistant to the Regional Manager Gareth Keenan.

    Of course, with all the weirdos in Middle Earth, it makes sense that Bilbo would be the straight man. We’re happy that the world of men and fighting Uruk-Hai finally put aside their differences and can now take lunch breaks together.