This Pit Bull Knows Something About This Pineapple That We Don’t

  • I think Stella the pit bull is onto something. Are pineapples evil? I think there’s an argument here.

    Ever heard the advice to not trust a person your dog or kid doesn’t like? Well, according to this theory, there’s startling evidence to suggest that pineapples aren’t to be trusted. Stella isn’t the only dog with a fear of the prickly fruit. This Lhasa Apso has similar suspicions. Kids are warning us of the terrors of this juicy produce as well. Pineapples made this baby cry, this boy cower in fear, this boy run for his life, and this kid scream in horror. And all of the adults just laugh!

    I think an investigation is in order. What have these pineapples done to warrant such reactions? Why are they so painful to grab? And why isn’t anyone addressing the awful tongue irritations caused by the menacing acidity in the fruit? Wake up America! Pineapples are a threat to society and we need to protect ourselves.

    Thank you Stella. You’re a real hero for exposing the truth.