Game Show Contestant Thinks Lovers Give Each Other “Burger Rings”

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    If you haven’t watched Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? in a long time, that’s understandable. It’s been a good decade since the show was at all relevant on American television. But, it still exists in many countries (including our own), so incredible fails such as this are bound to happen.

    If you’ll recall, the first few questions for each contestant are very simple, just to get everyone through to at least $1,000. Every once in awhile, however, a contestant stumbles in those first few questions. The above is the most recent example.

    When presented with the question, “Which of these is not a piece of jewelry commonly worn to symbolise a relationship between two people?” contestant Whitney opted to ignore the obvious answer, “Burger Ring,” for the clearly incorrect, “Anniversary Ring,” which is a thing that exists, though much less popular than “Engagement ring” and “Wedding ring.”

    When prompted by the host to reconsider her answer, Whitney still selected “Anniversary ring” as her final answer.

    To borrow a sound effect form another game show:

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