John Oliver Returns to Ruin Your New Year’s Eve

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    HBO’s new spin on comedy news – “Last Week Tonight” – became one of 2014’s most popular, and most frequently re-shared, new shows. The John Oliver-hosted political recap is currently on hiatus while we await a Season 2, but Oliver shows up now and again on YouTube to say hello and rant about whatever’s bothering him that week. And in today’s new video, he craps all over your New Year’s Eve plans, calling the holiday THE WORST.

    Oliver’s critique boils down to a distaste for public freezing-cold drunkenness, awkward social encounters with strangers and, of course, TV mainstay Ryan Seacrest. The video also includes one of the year’s cannier and more obscure “Boondock Saints” references. So, you know, the guy hasn’t lost his touch.

    It seems like holidays are what motivates Oliver to make special in-between-season videos thus far. Could it be their regular predictability, allowing him to bank commentaries weeks, nay months, in advance? NAH. His last hiatus hit was this editorial on the Thanksgiving tradition of Turkey Pardoning, which has so far added up an impressive 1.8 million views.

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