Woman Can’t Find Her Gas Cap (with Hilarious Consequences)

  • Source: Reddit

    In a video that should have been sped up to 2x speed and Yakkity Sax playing behind it the entire time, a lady was recently caught trying to figure out which side of her car the gas cap was on… like four times.

    Now, this happens to all of us at some point. Well, almost all of us. At least those of us who have never been told that the little gas symbol next to the fuel gauge on literally every dashboard ever indicates exactly on which side of your car your gas cap is.

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    You see that little arrow next to the thing that looks like one of those Intel Pentium III hazmat suit guys trying to kill himself? That arrow tells you the side of your car where your gas cap resides.

    We learn something new every day: where the gas cap is located on every car ever since the history of man, and also that gas station attendants are always incredibly bored and will always watch your every move.