Thug Life Remixes End the Year Strong

  • Source: Reddit

    The single greatest internet trend that 2014 brought us was the “Thug Life” video. And now, at the end of the year, they’ve started making them out of the Beyond Scared Straight videos which means we will never run out. The newest video is above. Originally started by this famous clip, then powered by the amazing compilation below, the Thug Life meme has given a home to all the oddly hilarious, kind of disturbing and somewhat depressing videos of kids using language that they have no business using at their age.

    In case you’ve never seen one of these videos and can’t click on any right now, the videos start off with kids swearing or saying something unnecessarily aggressive followed immediately by some sick West Coast hip hop beats. It is the absolute best.

  • On top of all the awesomeness from 2014, there’s recently been a subreddit started called /r/UnexpectedThugLife where you can find the very best of this exact kind of video.

    The “Thug Life” meme really ended the year strong. Awesome.