Pet Wars: Episode I: The Adorable Menace

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    Pixel, the French Bulldog, was hoping to grab a quick nap in his favorite dog bed, only to find that it had been surreptitiously overtaken by the family cat. (I’d give you the cat’s name, too, but their family didn’t think to include it in the YouTube description. Guess we know who they love best.)

    Anyway, Pixel’s response was cannily strategic, shifting the bed around the corner, in a sort of graceful gesture of encouragement to his feline houseguest. And, ultimately, in a classic “good vs. evil” denouement straight out of Joseph Campbell, he wins the day, despite only being 10 weeks old and not particularly well-coordinated.

    Oh, and if you can’t get enough of Pixel’s silly antics from just this one clip, congratulations. You are a human person with feelings. But also, you can follow him on Instagram!

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    Internet, you’ve done it again!