These People Just Told America Their Online Passwords

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    Comedy is getting easier and easier these days. All you need is a camera and stupid people. The camera is expensive, the stupid people are free and plentiful.

    Take, for example, the people who willingly tell Jimmy Kimmel’s cameras their passwords for all of their online accounts. How were they tricked into doing this? Someone asked them.

    For reference, the most popular password in the U.S. is “password123” — your password should be an incomprehensible series of letters of numbers: sdg89K29d or 018xv6ejg90, for example. Sure, they’ll be impossible to remember, but at least you’ll be impenetrable to hacks, from criminals and yourself.

    Please, please just change your passwords from “Muffins1985” or “NanaEsther” — you might as well just leave an open laptop on the street.

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