Jimmy Kimmel Convinces People That Skittles Water Is Cold-Pressed Juice

  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

    Here in Los Angeles, those with disposable incomes are always looking for an edge in the race to be the thinnest and the most beautiful. The latest entry in the detox/cleanse/purification trend is “cold-pressed juicing,” which posits that traditional blending creates heat that destroys essential vitamins in fruit. “Cold-pressing” is a crushing system that supposedly leaves all the minerals intact.

    People are dead serious about this stuff. I kid you not, an article on HuffPost Taste actually refers to a traditional juicer as a Centrifugal Juice Extractor. Jesus H.

    Anyway, it’s not uncommon for a 12 oz. bottle of cold-pressed juice to cost upwards of eight dollars. Just because it sorta maybe might have a few more molecules of B12.

    To mock people who fall for this stuff, Jimmy Kimmel whipped up a few concoctions: Wonka Fun Dip, Tang, Skittles blended with water, and marketed it as “jüce” — a lighter, cleaner, organic, cleansing alternative to regular juice. Of course, they all fall for it, and one woman even says she would consider paying $19 for a bottle of Tang.