Liam Neeson Gets Revenge in His Clash of Clans Commercial

  • Source: YouTube / Via: YouTube

    Among the multitude of other commercials that happened to us this Super Bowl Sunday (Sorry, “Big Game” Sunday), we got a Clash of Clans commercial starring Liam Neeson doing his schtick from the Taken movie franchise. Again.

    At least the go-to comedy response to Liam Neeson’s career isn’t making fun of him being in The Phantom Menace, I guess. But when will people writing sketches, commercials and parodies finally detach from Liam Neeson as “the dad from Taken” and start writing funnier material for him to perform.

    Do you, without looking it up, know the name of the character that he plays in Taken?

    Remember what Ricky Gervais did with Neeson on Life’s Too Short? That was amazing. Sure it was Liam Neeson as a badass still, it’ll be hard for him to get away from that, but at least it wasn’t about revenge. That’s getting a little old.

    Neeson’s a talented actor who can make anything funny.

  • Shout out to the barista in the commercial who somehow didn’t know that Liam Neeson was in his place of business, nor how to pronounce “Liam,” a name more common than most bands the character probably listens to.