Buzzfeed Gave Barack Obama A Selfie Stick

  • Well, it’s happened. President Barack Obama has taken away our Buzzfeed acting jobs. It used to be me that would go out for the “Things Your Mom Told You That Were Total Bullshit” videos. Now they just ask the most powerful person in the world if he wants to do it. And they’ll throw in a selfie stick for good measure.

    This post has over two million views and 83,000 likes on Facebook since it was posted this morning. There are also a few bajillion comments — most of which quickly devolved into arguments about immigration. You could scroll through them all, but I’ve already selected my favorites.

    -Aftab Ahmed — Obama is rong number.

    -Renzo Caballo Torrevillas — this is not obama… cant you see his mole in his face? haha its in the right..

    -Clayton Dias — Human side of obama or maybe just an act to make us like him so he can can get your aproval to cause damage softly . All he needs is your aproval . And he seems to br getting it . Serious one day funny the other . Just an act . Ask two face . Flip a coin and screw you over .

    There were also plenty of comments on the president’s mirror, which seemed a bit dirty:

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    That’s right. I took Buzzfeed’s gif. Not making my own. They win.

    (Oh, and don’t let this all be for nothing. Go sign up for health coverage at if you don’t have any.)

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