Confident Guy Hires Karl Pilkington To Propose To His Girlfriend

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    It’s getting harder and harder to propose marriage these days. Modern proposers feel intense pressure to outdo each other, not just in visual extravagance, but in YouTube views as well.

    Last September, Wheezy Waiter proposed in his 1,000th video, revealing that he had planted hidden messages in his last 20 videos in order to adequately propose. Just yesterday, we told you about the man who disguised his proposal video as a selfie to shock his girlfriend.

    Lee Brickley knew he had to do something big, so he got one of the world’s biggest celebrities, Karl Pilkington, to do it for him. Pilkington did a great job playing up Lee’s strengths, including the reality that he might be “a right lump.”

    She said yes, by the way.