Triumph Reveals Jokes That NBC Wouldn’t Let Him Tell

  • Jack McBrayer and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog have a new show on Adult Swim and the promotional tour just keeps getting funnier.

    The pair were on Conan last night to promote the show, and Triumph had the opportunity to read off some of the jokes that NBC wouldn’t let him tell on Today.

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    Yes, quite a few Brian Williams jokes in there. Of course, despite the recent scandal, NBC Nightly News is still the top-rated network news broadcast….for him to poop on.

    Jack McBrayer sat rigidly still during the whole bit, though he did look quite uncomfortable when Triumph was showing the audience images of the duo’s failed pilots.

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    Can I request Triumph shows with every former 30 Rock cast member? I would love to watch a show with Triumph and Alec Baldwin called Glengarry Snitch Crotch.