I Want to Thundersnow All Night and Party Every Day

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    Well, it was inevitable. As soon as everyone saw Weather Channel personality Jim Cantore’s crazy Thundersnow report from Boston, we knew it was only a matter of time before the Gregory Brothers got their hands on it.

    And here it is! The epic Songify version of “Thundersnow,” complete with accompaniment from co-anchor Reynolds Wolf and arena-rock style lightning effects!

    And if the songified version makes you just yearn for the original report, find it here.

  • Cantore Thundersnow Montage! – #ItsAmazingOutThere

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    The Gregorys are so on top of these kinds of breakout “unintentional” viral performances, it’s basically assumed on YouTube when a new “Thundersnow”-style video breaks, a Songify version will follow.

    Their previous edition of “Songify This” featured a kid bragging about getting his first kiss (not to mention an introduction from Vice President Joe Biden.)

  • First Kiss Today – Songify This

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