Jawbreaker Meets its Match When Introduced to Red Hot Nickel Ball

  • Do people actually eat jawbreakers? They sort of seem like a gag candy. “Here’s a rock-hard ball of sugar that’s too big to fit in your mouth and will melt your teeth the instant you make contact with it.” And yet they have endured over the years, the indestructible candy, until one man was brave enough to find out what breaks a jawbreaker.

    Turns out it’s a red hot nickel ball!

  • Via: www.youtube.com

  • Yes, carsandwater, the Internet’s resident expert on nickel balls and what they will destroy, is back with another video. Watch the clip to see for yourself what happens when these two notoriously hardy balls collide. Short answer: the jawbreaker turns into something that is possibly even grosser than a giant ball of sugar.