Louis CK’s “Saturday Night Live” Monologue Covered Racism, Israel, Pedophilia

  • Via: www.youtube.com

  • The “Saturday Night Live” season finale aired this past Saturday and master comedian Louis CK had the honor of hosting. “SNL” has been celebrating its 40th anniversary this season and Louis CK, a child of the Seventies, spent his opening monologue talking about how different life was like when “SNL” first began. What followed was a typically over-the-top Louis CK performance that touched on racism, Israel and pedophilia. It was… not for everybody.

  • The comedian begins with what he describes as “mild racism” as a result of growing up in the 70’s. The kind that isn’t outwardly malicious but still makes you pause for a moment. “If I go to a pizza place I’ve never been to before, and it’s run by four black women, I’ll go like, ‘Hmm,'” he joked.

    He then went on to bemoan how one thing that hasn’t changed since the 70’s was the Israel-Palestine conflict.

    But his edgiest jokes, the ones that are drawing the most heat online, were about pedophilia. After running down all the negative repercussions of child molestation, Louis CK said, “You could only really surmise that it must be really good.”

    “It must be amazing,” Louis CK said, “for them to risk to much.”

    Met with chuckles in groans, Louis CK followed that up with another observation: “This is my last show probably.”