High School Graduation Turns into Taylor Swift Flash Mob

  • Via: www.youtube.com

  • High school graduation is a huge event in a young person’s life. But the speeches rarely live up to the occasion. They’re all, “This is the start of a new chapter”, “You’ll never forget the memories you’ve made”, “Use what you’ve learned here to blah blah”. Boring! Why can’t graduation speeches be fun like a Taylor Swift song? Well, maybe they can…

    Portsmouth High School’s valedictorian — Colin Yost — wanted to do something special for his graduation speech. As he explained to MTV News, “I’ve always wanted to do a flash mob and I thought graduation would be the perfect place because our class is very cohesive and doesn’t really have a lot of cliques.” That class unity is definitely on display in the above video. Yost gives a short speech, ending with, “All you have to do is shake it off.” And then the entire class gets up to dance along to TSwift’s hit. Yost reportedly worked with teachers and administrators to choreograph the impromptu dance party. The results speak for themselves.